Use all the cloud you need will start and stop cloud servers* only when needed.
Pay your cloud per use, and save up to 80%!

Sebu the Ninja

Supported providers

We start and stop those vhosts.




Azure Compute

DigitalOcean droplets

Run Sebu, run

How it Works is a smart HTTPS proxy: it will stop your server when no requests are flowing in, and start it up as soon as there is traffic.

Read more in our documentation


The standard plan allows up to 10 vhosts to be configured simultaneously.

All plans give full access to any APIs and cloud provider.


  1. 1. Install the CLI

    npm install -g @porketta/cli

    You may need to install NodeJS

  2. 2. Create a DigitalOcean account for test

    Redeem $100, 60-days credit to try !

    Don't test in prod!
  3. 3. Signup

    porcli user login
  4. 4. Configure cloud provider credential

    porcli provider create
  5. 5. Choose a running cloud server to be manager

    porcli vhost create
  6. 6. Point the instance dns to our secure proxy

    Set your domain as follow CNAME

Frequently Asked Question